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1. Documents Needed from Your Company for Processing and Accreditation with Our Ministry of Labour (MOL)

  • Original Visa Advice
  • Consulate Letter
  • Demand Letter
  • Power Of Attorney
  • Dual Employment Contracts
  • Block Visa or Visa Quota
  • Copy of Company Registration or Photocopy of Employer's Passport (for individual employer)

2. Manpower Pooling

Upon an acquisition of your manpower request prior to the receipt of the requirements listed in item 1 above, we will begin the pooling of the contract workers. Aside from our present pool, possible shortage may be aided with the following procedures:

  • Print and Broadcast Media Advertisement
  • On-the-spot-sourcing (City and Provincial)
  • Our Highly Qualified Agents
  • Recommended Personnel

3. Selection of Contract Workers

The mode of selection of contract workers may be executed under the following procedures:
Selection by Employer or through his Authorized Representative:

By this routine, the Employer or is authorized representative may conduct personal interview here in company's office and finally select the most competent workers.
Transmittal of Resumes:
Your Company may require us to send to you the Resumes of all Prospective candidates who pass the pre-qualification interview and testing conducted at our end. In such cases, the name of the successful candidates may be relayed to us via phone or fax or email.

Agency Selection:
You may authorize our Agency to select qualified workers fully guaranteed by us.

4. Full Documentation Assistance for Selected Candidates

We provide the selected applicants’ assistance in securing the travel documents required by both Labour Office and Embassy, like Trade Test, Authenticated credentials, Passport, Police Clearance, Medical Certificate, Overseas Employment Certificate and Exit Pass. This will also include Pre-departure Orientation Seminar wherein the worker will have to undergo a comprehensive briefing on the working and living condition, customs and tradition, laws and regulations in the country of destination.

5. Periodic Progress Report

Update report on status of the workers’ travel paper shall be transmitted to the employer regularly. Flight details shall be furnished one day before departure to ensure that somebody from the employer’s part will assist the arriving staff at the airport of destination.

6. Repatriation

 Our duty is sending only the well-selected and competent applicants in order to meet the job requirements of its employer. However, there are causes beyond control that the contracted worker repatriated, within three (3) months probationary period, our company guarantee the worker’s capabilities primarily their physical, mental and technical-know-how. To this point, we will appreciate very much to hear from you and upon your request, we will send more detailed information on the prevailing salary and other terms and conditions for your reference.  

7. Communication with Customer

We usually communicate with our customers through different means and methods such as phone, fax, DHL and electronic mail and the address is available on the contact us page.